I believed that rhinos were one of the coolest animals. They seemed so chill and relaxed in the wilderness of Africa and living in harmony with everyone around them. I thought, "now that's an animal we dont have to kill" because we can live together, but then I saw a documentary on Rhinos. Under their sluggish looks they are hiding a killing machine. Rhinos are extremely fast, aggressive and easily enraged. Many people have been victoms of rhino attacks. One hit with their horn and you are done. Rhinos are also predominantly herbivorous so they don't have any motive to kill - except hatred. Rhinos are an old enemy of humanity. There are documents from different cultures proving that rhinos have always tried to stop human progress. Centuries ago when fire was the fronline of human technology, rhinos were said to have attacked every open fire in sight. In parts of Malaysia people still call it the "Badak Api", afraid thar rhinos will stomp their fire, their main mean of survival.

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