Tactics used by the Animals


One of the most spread tactics is spreading diseases among humans. “Black Death”, influenza, cholera, small pox “Spanish Flu”, AIDS and the most resent one “Bird Flu” you name it they are behind it. I believe AIDS is their best creation, because with it they try to put a hold on our reproduction. Not only that but they also blame it on people for causing it to themselves. No it was probably a poor man trying to help some wounded monkey when the monkey jumped at him and bit him. Animals are usually afraid of facing us face to face, they prefer gorilla tactics which proves my point of human superiority. Yes we tried with good with animals by feeding them, nursing them even helping them not go instinct so more species can enjoy the pleasure of mother earth. We use our superiority and technology to help but we receive nothing back. But no, animals neither want to stop fighting nor understand reality, now is the time to strike back at them with all we have.

Another of their cowardice tactics is to pretend to be harmless and “cute” trying to disguise their inner hatred for the humankind so they can come in our homes. Nowadays in an ordinary home you can find anything from a snake to a cockroach as a pet. And that is exactly what animals are trying to achieve, infiltrate our homes and create a false sense of friendship between human and animal. But all animals actually do is to be close to us so they can examine us and see our faults. No human is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and that is what animals are waiting for. Punish our mistakes and taking us down one by one. I know all of you reading this have at least one friend that has been attacked by a pet and what the owners usually say is that the pet never behaves like that and it is just so shocking that they attacked a human. Shocking my ass, you make a mistake and an animal will punish you. Animals have never been friends to humans and they will never be.

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